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Meet Hannes – Pukekohe Store Manager

Tell us a bit about yourself Hannes

I’m originally from South Africa and moved to NZ in January 2016. The main reason for my move to this stunning country, was to offer a safe living environment and a secured future for my two daughters (now 13 and 11 years old). NZ has always been a country that I have admired and wanted to visit – now I can call NZ home.

New Zealand has some beautiful places to visit, what has been your favorite so far?

Almost hard to pick a favourite, because it is just beautiful wherever you look. I think my favourite place must be Bay of Islands – only because I haven’t been to the South Island, I guess.

If you could travel anywhere where would you go?

I always wanted to visit Scotland (my origin). That might be why I love NZ as much, because of the beautiful green landscaping, mountains, lakes and yes, even the rain.

Name three smart phone apps you can’t live without?

Facebook – keeping up with the world and work
Google Maps – exploring NZ
Snap Fitness – trying to maintain a balance

What do you enjoy about your role with Ebbett Volkswagen?

What I love about my role at Ebbett is to engage with people. All the new people i meet become friends even if they don’t become customers. I love the environment that I am working in and representing the Brand and the company is a massive honour.

What’s your favourite Volkswagen right now and why?

I would say my current favourite VW is the new Touareg. I love the size, the fantastic new technology and the overall look of the new beast. It is truly a flagship vehicle to be proud of.