The new Golf 8 is coming

The icon that never stops evolving

Create the perfect drive

Enhance the character of your Golf by illuminating the interior with 10 soft lighting colours. You can even choose from up to 30 colour options.

Keeping your eyes on the road

The main advantage of the optional head-up display in your Golf is that you can keep an eye on the most important information while watching the road ahead. The windscreen is used as the projection surface where the speed, driver assistance system notifications and navigation instructions are displayed.

Keeps you on track and other drivers at a distance

You can have all the fun in the new Golf 8 knowing the comprehensive suite of advanced driver assistance systems has your back. Plus, it’s packed with new technology that goes above and beyond to make driving a breeze.

Tailored entirely to you

The new Golf 8 will be the envy of all your friends with the Innovision Cockpit. This brings an expanded range of innovative technology and state-of-the-art connectivity. Listen to your favourite tunes or the latest podcasts with App-Connect.

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